What’s the Right Way to Wear Harem Pants?

There’s a new trend on the contemporary yoga fashion scene that may even usurp the popularity of traditional black leggings. Harem pants are a traditionally-inspired item that many yogis are flocking to as a result of their extreme comfort and flexibility. These pants allow you to move and breathe with very little restriction. In fact, many yogis note that harem pants allow them to feel as if they aren’t wearing anything at all.

These baggier styles could be dangerous for beginners, as they can quickly obscure your alignment. It should be noted that harem pants are ideal for seasoned yogis who are confident that they maintain proper alignment and who practice under the instruction of a qualified teacher. However, if you choose to wear harem pants, you should know the most stylish way to do so.

The pants themselves are extremely loose and baggy. While this may have been seen as unflattering in the past, they lend themselves well to a bold and bohemian style. If you’re trying to find the right way to style this difficult piece, take a closer look at these top tips.

Opt for Bold Patterns and Colors

You don’t want your harem pants to simply fade into the background of the rest of your outfit. Instead, they should be viewed as a bold fashion move that others need to take note of. As a result, most yogis should consider selecting bold prints or seasonally-inspired colors to suit their personalities.

Avoid the standard neutral colors that are often seen with basic yoga leggings. Blacks and greys won’t have the desired effect that harem pants should have. A deep jewel tone is always a classic color choice, as are fun patterns like stars and abstract swirls.

Find a More Revealing Top

Because harem pants tend to swallow up your figure, yogis can get lost in an outfit with such large swaths of fabric. If you’re going to wear harem pants, you will need to balance out your outfit with a more revealing or form-fitting top. Consider searching for a tunic with a strappy cutout pattern or a tight-fitting crop top.

Another popular option would be to wear a delicate bralette in place of a top. These simple accessories are all the rage right now, and they can be the perfect mate for an oversized pair of pants. You won’t be swallowed up by the fabric with an outfit as perfectly balanced as this.

Wear the Right Shoes

Harem pants need the right type of shoe to really look great with any outfit. You should consider wearing strappy sandals or wedges to make the most of this bohemian style. In this way, you can be casual and fashion-forward, while still maintaining the appearance of a traditional yogi.

Harem pants can be a bold fashion choice for any yogi, but you have to know how to style them appropriately. If you’re on the fence about whether you can pull off this fashion trend, try following a few of these fashion pointers first.

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