What Items Should Be in your Yoga Bag This Fall?

The beginning of a new season means that it may be time for yogis to reevaluate the items they keep in their yoga bag. The extra towels and airy tank tops from summer can be retired in favor of more seasonally appropriate favorites. However, the space in a yoga bag is quite limited, so yogis need to ensure that each item taking up valuable space serves a purpose. What items are yogis favoring for the fall? 

Light Sweaters

The chill in the air means that you’re likely to feel cooler than usual at the end of your yoga practice. Ensure that your body will be covered appropriately to enter into the biting air outside of the studio with a light sweater. It is also great for keeping your body temperature stable and comfortable throughout the practice. As you prepare for resting poses and finishing sequences, it could be a great time to get comfortable with a light layer. 

Lotion And Lip Balm

When yoga studies and office spaces start to crank up the heat, your skin is more likely to become dry and cracked. Keeping a small bottle of lotion and a tube of lip balm handy allows you to hydrate your skin properly especially while performing Bikram yoga. It can help to prevent unwanted cracking and bleeding as the season progresses. 

High Waist Yoga Leggings 

High waist leggings are a must-have part of every yogi’s bag for the fall. They offer extra coverage and protection during class, as well as a little bit of additional warmth for the torso. Full yoga leggings are great to slip into comfortable boots at the end of class for a smooth transition to an on-the-town outfit. Depending on where you live, you may still be able to wear Capri leggings into the early fall months. 

Yoga Props

Even the most seasoned yogi may find that their flexibility is a little lacking as the colder air comes. Fall can sometimes be a great time to reevaluate how far you move into a pose, respecting that your body may need something different during this time. Yoga blocks and straps are a welcome addition to your yoga bag to help you modify and stretch intensely even during these more difficult months. Take the time to utilize props to ensure proper alignment this fall. 

Some yogis may even want to consider carrying their own pillows or bolsters to make certain poses, such as the seated lotus or even savasana, a more comfortable experience. A blanket could be a multipurpose tool that fills both of these needs when appropriately folded. 

Extra Water

Many yogis understand the need to hydrate more during the sweltering months of summer. The fall season brings about just as much need to keep hydrated as the heat kicks on in our homes and around town. An extra few glasses of water, especially hot water, can help you to better circulate and detoxify your system during the cold weather. Consider an insulated water bottle that allows you to carry hot and cold beverages. 

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