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Yoga for the Beach

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If it is the summertime or you live near the beach then you can easily combine your love for both yoga and seaside. Practicing at the beach has the added benefits of soaking up the relaxing ocean waves, fresh air, and grounding your body in the earthy sand. If you go beach camping or swimming in the ocean, these are great times to do a few yoga poses. Even if the place where you live is prone to the windy damp weather you can still benefit from the waves and the sand.

The difference between the studio and home yoga is that there is no yoga mat; however, if you plan in advance you can grab a yoga blanket as long as you don’t mind getting a little sand on your body.

Step 1

Breathe and begin to do yoga stretch poses. Find a comfortable spot on the beach.

Stretch #1: Do the Crescent Pose each side.

Stretch #2: Heart Mudra (Anjali Mudra)

Close your eyes and bring palms together. and this sacred moment in which you the ocean and nature. e thankful in your heart and let a sense of gratitude and devotion take over.

Stretch #3: Upward Salute

As you inhale, bring hands to meet overhead. Look up at your hands. Ground into the earthy sand and let your body in opposition to the grounded feet.

Stretch #4: Standing Backbend

Tuck the tail bone down and out of the lower back engaging the core bend backward. You can keep hands together, point index fingers, or leave hands apart. Hold for a few breaths and then slowly use your abdominal muscles to come back.

Step 2: Hip Opener Yoga Poses

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Pose #1: Lunge

This Yoga Pose helps stretch and wake up the leg and hip muscles. Be mindful of tightness in the legs and hips.

Pose #2: Half Splits

From the lunge, drop back knee and pull hips backwards to give the extended leg a nice hamstring stretch.

Pose #3: Crescent Lunge Variation Pose

From the half splits return the hips forward to repeat the lunge position. Hold for a few breaths, then drop the knee down and grab the back ankle or toes and look back. Feel the stretch along your front hip and relax into the pose. Release the handgrip and switch legs to repeat the sequence again.

Step 3: Advanced Yoga Poses

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The scenic beach is a great motivator for practicing more complicated yoga poses. Also, the soft sand provides you the ability to modify the pose by making small sand holes.

  1. Explore the sand as you slowly slide your legs apart into a front splits position. Be very aware of how deep your splits can go without any pain!
  2. Find a comfortable split position. You can choose to dig your heels into the sand to modify the split and make it less hard on your hamstrings. Bring the hands to heart and feel a flood of love and positive energy pouring into you from the beach and a relaxed mind!

Step 4: Getting Close to the Sand

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Pose # 1: With palms together, press the thumbs into the brow center (your third eye center) and feel a universal connection and sense of UNION and DEEP REVERENCE. Listen to nature’s soundwaves and be receptive to any wisdom that comes in at this time.

Pose # 2: Bring the palms to the sand behind your back. If, and only if, you feel you can go deep, bend the elbows further tilt torso towards the ground. To make it even harder, release back fully onto the sand. This is an excellent front body stretch. Explore hand positions like joining the palms overhead with bent elbow channels spiritual devotion. Stay for up to a minute and carefully come up the way you came down.

May the beach bring you deep true joy and may yoga be the bridge that connects you to oy!